Fuel Availability in Regional Australia

August 3, 2021

When was the last time you ran out of fuel?  Was it poor planning or fuel management, or a lack of fuel availability? Chances are if you were driving in a metropolitan area, it was simply poor planning!

When you live and work in our capital cities, it is easy to take fuel access for granted.  We become complacent. We know that when we run low on fuel, there’ll be a service station on the next corner.

But what happens when you are on a road trip?  


Follow our 4 steps to ensure you never run out!


Step 1. Plan your trip.

Understand the route you are taking and know the distance between locations.  This will help you understand where and when you’ll need to stop and refuel.  It not uncommon to travel up to 300km and not see a fuel stop!


Step 2. Understand the remoteness of the outback!

Don’t underestimate the value of convenience.  Arriving in a small town and discovering the service station is closed, or worse still, that there is no fuel available, can be avoided.  Ensure you respect the remoteness and isolation some towns feel in the outback and be prepared to fuel up sooner than you may have thought!  By understanding the value of fuel, you’ll never miss an opportunity to have a full tank before you set off.

Step 3.  Support local when you can!

Recent droughts, floods, fires and COVID forced border closures have meant the outback has been doing it tough! So, when you’re travelling, support local where you can.  Groceries and travel supplies can be bought from the family-owned corner store, the local mechanic can help with repairs - and you can use the Australian designed app to purchase fuel. The Fuelcharge App is Australian designed, owned and operated, and its why their first partner is IOR, an Australian owned Fuel company.  IOR has been synonymous with outback fuel stations for years.  


Step 4. Download the Fuelcharge App.

Using your smart phone or tablet, download the Fuelcharge App.  Fuelcharge is the smartest way to ensure access to fuel in remote locations.  Fuelcharge has partnered with IOR.  As a Fuelcharge user you have access to a network of diesel outlets all over the outback.  IOR locations are available for fuel 24/7, so you’ll be refueled and on your way in no time.

The Fuelcharge app can also track the kilometers you have travelled and the total liters of fuel you’ve consumed! Great stats to share with your fellow travelers while you enjoy sundowners at the camp site!


Together IOR & Fuelcharge is a winning combination for fuel access and availability in the bush!




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