Introducing Credit Card Payment Terminals at Unmanned Fuel Stops

December 18, 2023

IOR, the parent company of Fuelcharge, has recently launched credit card terminals at over 20 of its 100+ unmanned fuel stops nationwide


These terminals provide yet another way for drivers to access fuel across Australia, in addition to the Fuelcharge app and fuel tags for IOR account customers. While the Fuelcharge app and tags offer many advantages, the new credit card terminals will be invaluable to customers visiting an IOR site for the first time, enabling them to tap & go with their credit or debit card, or in an emergency for customers that have left their mobile phone or fuel tag at home. They accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Credit card terminals are now available at larger IOR sites such as Yatala South (Gold Coast), and in remote locations with weaker mobile reception, such as Eromanga, QLD. We will be rapidly rolling out these terminals to many more sites through Q1 2024.


Intuitive Experience

IOR’s credit card terminals are designed to be easy to use to help you get fuelled up and back on the road fast. When you arrive at an unmanned IOR fuel station, simply:

  • Go to the credit card payment terminal;
  • Select your bowser;
  • Choose an amount to pre-authorise;
  • Enter your mobile phone number for a paperless receipt;
  • Tap your credit or debit card to complete the pre-authorisation (noting you will only be charged for what you use); and
  • Fill up!

Seamless Integration with Fuelcharge

Fuelcharge is the new way to access fuel at over 130 locations across Australia, including IOR fuel stops. It is fast, 24/7, intuitive to use, and keeps all your fuel history, invoices and receipts in the one place.

IOR’s credit card terminals are fully integrated with the Fuelcharge app. This means that anyone with a Fuelcharge account can track all their fuel usage in the one platform, whether they pay via the app or credit card.

Say goodbye to paper receipts getting lost in your glovebox and say hello to being in control of your fuel spend.

Around the country and everywhere in between, IOR’s 24/7 unmanned fuel stops will keep you moving. For further information on which sites offer new credit card facilities, click here to find your nearest fuel stop or download the latest version of IOR’s Network Directory.


If you have any questions or want to talk to us about your fuel payment requirements, please get in contact with our dedicated sales and customer support team. Call 1800 414 012 or send us an enquiry.

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